The installation and design of Wi-Fi infrastructure can be critical to getting the best use out of your mobile computing devices.

At Syntec we are proud of our expertise in Wi-Fi deployment and our Zebra and Ubiquiti Wi-Fi products. We offer a range of Hardware from Access Points to Controllers and our skilled technicians will design, survey, install and configure your Wi-Fi infrastructure to optimum standards.

We always recommend full RF spectrum analysis at site to determine the influence of any neighbouring Wi-Fi networks on your premises and we offer a comprehensive written survey document with full wireless heat map graphics so you can visualise your wireless cover. The site survey document details access point location and we will guarantee the performance of the network based on this design. Network security and access control are a key feature of all our Wi-Fi installations. We also offer trouble shooting services for customers’ existing networks.

There is a large choice of Wi-Fi providers, few are getting it right!