Yoyo Wallet is a cashless payment & loyalty system, creating a better customer experience via an app that simplifies payment and loyalty transactions. Yoyo can integrate into pretty much any EPOS system and displays a Yoyo button on the till – think cash, card, Yoyo. Yoyo appears as a payment type and is triggered manually or by scanning a payment/reward barcode on your smartphone or Apple Watch, automatically adding any loyalty stamps or discounts. Revolutionising the way customers pay at the checkout.

Capture Barcodes Quickly from Mobile Phone Screens using the Denso QK-30

Denso QK30 Fixed Position 2D Scanner

The QK-30 offers numerous forms of application. A point of sale system, via its multimedia terminal connections and monitoring systems potential clients are quickly attracted to the device. Strong sales promotion can be achieved through use of mobile coupons, mobile customer cards and mobile tickets.

Key Features:

  • Effectively Scans Barcodes from Mobile Phone Screens
  • Scans Effectively from even the Largest Smart Phones
  • Compact and Stylish Design
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We all know speed is important at the checkout and accepting Yoyo Wallet mobile payments at the checkout allows customers to simply present a secure and unique barcode on their phone for instant payment. The technical team at Yoyo put a range of 2D barcode readers through vigorous testing. After conducting trials the chosen product was the Denso QK-30, based on functionality, speed of capturing barcodes from mobile phone screens, design and price.

Benefits To Customers Using Yoyo

1) Speed up transactions at the till.

2) Users add a funding card (debit or credit) and can chose to manually top up or set auto top up.

3) Loyalty points/ stamps are instantly issued upon purchase.

4) Digital itemized receipts.

5) Automate your loyalty program based on behavior.

6) Understand your customers’ spending for transaction tied loyalty.

Benefits To Retailers Using Yoyo

1) Yoyo can integrate into pretty much any EPOS system.

2) It is the simplest and fastest payment your cashiers will take.

3) Payment tokens are dynamic and unique for each transaction making it super secure.

4) Ability to target customers directly with relevant offers based on their purchase history.

“Denso is the inventor of the QR Code so we expect that the Denso QK-30 is the best QR code reader on the market. The scanner has excellent high speed scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes
displayed on smartphone displays or paper. The Denso QK-30 is a compact design and is the ideal fit for Yoyo Wallet to help retailers attract more customers and promote future sales.”
MD Dave Riley from the UK Denso Distributor, Syntec

“I first saw the Denso QK-30 scanner being used to scan products at one of our customers. I thought it looked great, a really different and sleek look on the counter. We got hold of one
to test directly with our app and found its speed and accuracy matched its looks. The fact is, it gives our users the simplest, and most efficient and consistent experience at the counter – and
that is good for everyone”
Andrew at Yoyo Wallet