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Denso are the inventors of the QR Code and leading suppliers of barcode handheld terminals and barcode readers. The Denso portable all-in-one handheld barcode scanners, QR barcode readers and 1D & 2D barcode reader devices are the practical mobile solution for every scanning need anywhere – different models cover the most varied applications with Windows CE and Denso Propriety Operating Systems. Syntec provides a full UK repair and service centre and SDK’s are provided to our reseller partners.
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  1. Denso BHT-1600

    Denso BHT-1600

    The Denso BHT-1600 Handheld Terminal is a rugged data capture device in a smartphone form factor.

    With a BHT-1600 you have the latest in barcode scanning technology, a device able to read 1D, 2D, QR Codes and damaged barcodes combined with all the communications technology we rely on in todays "always on" world. A multi- talent device the BHT-1600 can be used to make calls, send text messages, utilise apps, go online and take photos. Installed with the latest Android 6.X OS and available in an LTE 3G version the BHT-1600 allows users to always stay connected and have access to real time information.

    Designed with security in mind the BHT-1600 features NFC reading which can provide personal authentication for data exchange, an application launcher to block the use of unrelated apps and a non GMS version to further protect business data.

    All this functionality is housed in a user friendly, touch screen style smartphone device; designed to survive the sometimes harsh world of field operations. An IP67 rating means the BHT-1600 has total protection from dust and can survive immersion in liquid of upto 1 meter for roughly 30 minutes. When in the built-in protective case the device can survive drops of 1.8 metres. Featuring Asahi Dragontrail glass the 4.7 inch touch screen is extra shatter resistant yet still useable with gloves.

    (Included: Terminal, Battery, AC Adaptor, Plugs, Micro USB cable, Direct Cable)

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    Denso SE1 Bluetooth Wireless Scanner

    The Denso SE1 Series wireless 1D/2D scanner is a great, easy to use portable companion scanner ideal for use with smart devices.

    Available in either the 1D CDD model (SE1-BB) or the 2D Imager (SE1-QB) this bluetooth, battery powered device will facilitate efficient data entry for your field workers.

    Full of the features you need, in a small, lightweight form factor the SE1 series scanner is an affordable addition to any business.


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  3. Denso BHT-1500 1D Barcode Handheld Terminal

    Denso BHT-1500

    The New Denso BHT-1500 series has a light, compact and highly portable body weighing just 128 grams. The ergonomically designed handheld barcode terminal sits comfortably in your hand and well positioned keys enable even single handed use.

    Available in two models; Batch (BHT-1505B) and Bluetooth (BHT-1505BB), the BHT-1500 has many features with its unique scanning angle, contoured body, light weight material and large 2.0 inch QVGQ screen it is suitable to many aplications.

    The Bluetooth model is a great addition to any retail space; the handset can be paired to any tablet, smartphone or POS unit for efficient data transfer. The Batch device (BHT-1505B) sits comfortably in the hand for all day booking in and out of units in a Warehouse facility. The unique scan angle and large screen assist the user for easy operability and maximum productivity.


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  4. Denso BHT-1400 Windows Embedded 7, IP65, CCD & 2D

    Denso BHT-1400

    The Denso BHT-1400 Handheld terminal has been designed with a focus on maximising productivity from the workforce.

    Employees need to see and access as much information on a single screen as possible in order to complete tasks quickly and move on to the next.

    To acheive this the BHT-1400 has a 3.2 inch WVGA screen (480x800dots), is extremely durable, has been ergonomically designed for one handed operation and operates Windows Embedded CE.

    The BHT-1400 has been manufactured using a polycarbonate which is a lightweight yet durable material making the terminal resistant to multiple drops without impacting the useability.

    The 15% increase in the display size allows users greater application visability and so can reduce the number of input screens required to complete a task.

    Further enhancing productivity; key buttons are centrally located and a nonslip grip has been applied to the buttons and outer casing of the unit. These features would assist in one handed pick and pack scenarios.

     Further value is added with a Free 3 Year Warranty 

    (Battery and cover NOT included)


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  5. Denso Handheld 2D Scanner GT10Q

    Denso Handheld 2D Scanner GT10Q

    Combining excellent performance, and protection against impact, water and dust outside, the GT-10 series is a great all round performer. Designed primarily as a hand scanner, this model is can also be used as a fixed device for the prodution line. 

    Key Features:

    • Long life 
    • User Friendly (vibrates when barcodes are detected) 
    • 2m Impact Resistant
    • Dust and Splash Prood (IP 54)
    • Remote On/Off Function - Product Can Be Controlled From A Host Computer
    • Auto-Sensing Funtion 
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  6. Denso Handheld 2D Scanner GT15Q

    Denso Handheld 2D Scanner GT15Q

    The GT-15Q series belongs to a new generation of scanners. With outstanding high performance, a long service life, functionality and user friendliness, The GT-15Q can provide for all your scanning needs. The GT-15Q is designed to read codes which are printed directly onto material.

    Key Features:

    • CCD Technology
    • Drop Resistant to 2m
    • Robust - Dust and Water Resistant (IP 54)
    • High Resolution Scanner (95mm)
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  7. Denso Fixed Position 2D Scanner QK-30 496800-1500

    Denso QK30 Fixed Position 2D Scanner

    The QK-30 offers numerous forms of application. A point of sale system, via its multimedia terminal connections and monitoring systems potential clients are quickly attracted to the device. Strong sales promotion can be achieved through use of mobile coupons, mobile customer cards and mobile tickets.

    Key Features:

    • Effectively Scans Barcodes from Mobile Phone Screens
    • Scans Effectively from even the Largest Smart Phones
    • Compact and Stylish Design
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  8. Denso AT20

    Denso AT20

    The AT-20 series demonstrates outstanding performace. This model combines high-speed scanning of up to 400 scans per second and reliable reading performance, able to read even poor quality barcodes. This model is available in black or white.

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  9. Denso BHT-8000

    Denso BHT-8000

    **This product is now discontinued, and has been replaced with the BHT-900. Please see the BHT-900 page for more information.**

    With the integrated IrDA-compliant communication device, the Denso BHT-8000 series of handheld barcode scanner devices directly transfers data and programs to/from other IrDA-compliant equipment such as personal computers at speeds of up to 115.2 Kbps.

    This mobile handheld barcode scanner terminal makes reading barcodes as fast and easy as never before. The large liquid crystal display and the excellent technical possibilities make handheld barcode scanning more comfortable than ever. For all your handheld barcode scanner needs, think of the Denso BHT-8000.

    • Easy to use and portable, the BHT-8000 series sets a new standard for compact handy terminals
    • Large liquid crystal display provides enhanced visibility
    • The compact body features a large 128x64dot display. With the advanced layout function, you can reconfigure the display to meet your needs
    • Operability is excellent, with large magic keys and trigger switches on both sides while the body is compact, the key pitch is wide 12.7mm.
    • With Flash ROM of 4 MB or 8MG data can be backed up reliably.

    Denso BHT 8000 Series Product Variations:

    • 8044: 4MG
    • 8044D: 4MG & Straight Scanner
    • 8048D: 8MG & Straight Scanner
    • 8048DB: 8MG, Straight Scanner & Bluetooth
    • 8144: 4MG & Slanted Scanner
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  10. BHT-300

    Denso BHT-300

    **This Product is now discontinued and has been replaced with the BHT-800 Series. The BHT-800 series has increased memory, has enhanced durability and is completely backward compatible with BHT-300 applications.**

    Whether you use wireless LAN, Bluetooth, infrared or radio frequency for datatransfer, Denso’s BHT-300 handheld barcode scanner series is ideal for fast and simple inventory and stocktaking. Working with both or two-dimensional barcodes, the BHT-300 handheld barcode scanner series has the right device for all your handheldbarcode scanning requirements.

    BHT-300 Series Features:

    - Scanning at ranges up to 450mm
    - Improved scanning of broader labels and badly printed or damaged barcodes

    BHT300 Product Line Variations:
    BHT-303BW: WLAN / 1D / IRDA / WPA / 9MG
    BHT-303BB: 1D / IRDA / Bluetooth / 9MG
    BHT-303B: 1D / Batch / IRDA / 9MG
    BHT-302B: 1D / Batch / IRDA / 5MG
    BHT-304QW WPA: 2D / WLAN / IRDA / WPA / 18MG
    BHT-304QB: 2D / IRDA / Bluetooth / 18MG
    BHT-304Q: 2D / Batch / IRDA / 18MG

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