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  1. Denso BHT-1600

    Denso BHT-1600

    The Denso BHT-1600 Handheld Terminal is a rugged data capture device in a smartphone form factor.

    With a BHT-1600 you have the latest in barcode scanning technology, a device able to read 1D, 2D, QR Codes and damaged barcodes combined with all the communications technology we rely on in todays "always on" world. A multi- talent device the BHT-1600 can be used to make calls, send text messages, utilise apps, go online and take photos. Installed with the latest Android 6.X OS and available in an LTE 3G version the BHT-1600 allows users to always stay connected and have access to real time information.

    Designed with security in mind the BHT-1600 features NFC reading which can provide personal authentication for data exchange, an application launcher to block the use of unrelated apps and a non GMS version to further protect business data.

    All this functionality is housed in a user friendly, touch screen style smartphone device; designed to survive the sometimes harsh world of field operations. An IP67 rating means the BHT-1600 has total protection from dust and can survive immersion in liquid of upto 1 meter for roughly 30 minutes. When in the built-in protective case the device can survive drops of 1.8 metres. Featuring Asahi Dragontrail glass the 4.7 inch touch screen is extra shatter resistant yet still useable with gloves.

    (Included: Terminal, Battery, AC Adaptor, Plugs, Micro USB cable, Direct Cable)

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  2. M3 SM10 LTE FRONT

    M3 SM10 LTE

    The M3 SM10 LTE is a rugged mobile computer in a user friendly smartphone form factor, available in both Android 5.1/6.0 and Windows 10 configurations.

    Featuring a full touch, high visability, 5 inch, Gorilla Glass screen (usable even wearing gloves) the M3 SM10 LTE provides a familiar, smartphone experience to users combined with the industrial features required in the Warehouse/Logisitics field; IP65 rating, long life battery and accessories to extend scanning range.

    Not all models are listed on the website, please contact us to discuss further.

    (Whats in the box: SM10 LTE, Standard Battery or Extended Battery)


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  3. M3 UL10 NUMERIC - 37 KEY

    M3 UL10

    The M3 UL10 Mobile Terminal has been designed specifically for Warehouse application.
    Made to take the knocks and rough handling inherent in the Warehouse and Logistics environment, the UL10 has an IP68 rating, can withstand drops from 1.8metres and will operate in sub-zero temperatures.
    The VGA/QVGA Blanview display provides screen visability inside or out and a choice of keypad with enlarged buttons allows for ease of use with gloved hands.

    Listed below are just a selection of the 48 different models available - M3 can offer you a unit specific to your requirements.
    If you cant see what you want please call and speak to a member of staff today.

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  4. metric allegro portrait

    metric allegro Portrait Handheld Terminal

    The metric allegro is a device designed specifically for retail and field applications, which are typically scan intensive environments.

    To optimise worker output the terminal is light weight and the keypad has been ergonomically designed to facilitate easy one handed operations. In addition the IP65 rating ensures the terminal is robust and capable of operating in demanding environments. These features combined with the connectivity options available will enable the mobile worker to work in real time and efficiently fulfil their daily activities.

    With a choice of 4 different specifications there is a model to suit your requirements and budget.

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  5. M3 Mobile OX-10P - UHF RFID

    M3 Mobile OX-10P - UHF RFID

    The M3 OX-10P UHF is a fully industiral rugged PDA that is operational from -20 degrees to 60 degrees, is IP65 rated which idndicates a high level of water and shock resistance and withstands drops to concrete of 1.8 metres. 
    The user friendly operating system; Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5  provides a highly intuitive graphical user interface and the 802.11b/g/n and HSPA+ makes the M3 OX-10P UHF RFID suitable for all working environments.

    Included in the Box:

    Standard Battery
    Ac Cord
    USB Cable

    QWERTY keyboard options also available at no additional cost.

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  6. Denso BHT-1400 Windows Embedded 7, IP65, CCD & 2D

    Denso BHT-1400

    The Denso BHT-1400 Handheld terminal has been designed with a focus on maximising productivity from the workforce.

    Employees need to see and access as much information on a single screen as possible in order to complete tasks quickly and move on to the next.

    To acheive this the BHT-1400 has a 3.2 inch WVGA screen (480x800dots), is extremely durable, has been ergonomically designed for one handed operation and operates Windows Embedded CE.

    The BHT-1400 has been manufactured using a polycarbonate which is a lightweight yet durable material making the terminal resistant to multiple drops without impacting the useability.

    The 15% increase in the display size allows users greater application visability and so can reduce the number of input screens required to complete a task.

    Further enhancing productivity; key buttons are centrally located and a nonslip grip has been applied to the buttons and outer casing of the unit. These features would assist in one handed pick and pack scenarios.

     Further value is added with a Free 3 Year Warranty 

    (Battery and cover NOT included)


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  7. M3 SKY (MC7100S)  Industrial PDA

    M3 SKY (MC7100S)

    The M3 SKY Industrial PDA runs Windows Mobile 6.1 OS has a Marvell PXA-270 624MHz CPU and 4400mA Smart Battery. This slim, lightweight, technology rich unit is well suited for Asset Management and ticketing.

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  8. M3 SKY (MC7500S) - Slim and Light PD RFID 1D / 2D Scanner

    M3 SKY (MC7500S)

    Slim and Light PD

    Key Features:

    • PXA-270 624 MHz 
    • Windows Mobile 6.1
    • AGPS, Bluetooth, LF(125 KHz) / HF(13.56 MHz) RFID
    • 1D / 2D Scanner 
    • 2.0M Pixels Auto Focus Camera 
    • WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g 
    • Alpha-Numeric Keypad

    QWERTY Keyboard can be selected at no additional cost - See codes ending in QT1

    OS upgrade with M6.5 can be offered at no additional cost.

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